Photoshop details Functions

Hello everybody, many Photoshop fans are very similar with Photoshop editing or creation process, but from my viewpoint, I think most of you didn’t know the details of Photoshop functions. So in this post, I really want to do some useful general introduction of Photoshop details functions.

PHOTOSHOP applied area is very extensive, handling in editing picture, video, publish. Photoshop specialty lies in photo editing process, not sketch creations, but you can also do this called mouse painted.

Photoshop details Functions

The flat surface designs

The flat surface design is the most extensive applied area with PHOTOSHOP, regardless the book cover that we are reading, poster, all these flat surfaces designs are all basically need the PHOTOSHOP software carry into picture.

Repair photograph

PHOTOSHOP has a powerful picture polishing feature. Using these functions, you can quickly repair a damaged old photograph as well as repair a people face blemishes like spot. Along with the universality of the digital electronics product, the picture processing technique is gradually applied by more and more people nowadays such as beautify our photographs and create special albums, repair damaged photos.

The advertisement photographs

Advertisement photograph is a strict request work to the visions sense, in order to get satisfied effect, most of them need after PHOTOSHOP modification.

Art Texture

When the texture meets PHOTOSHOP, it will be a wonderful thing. Using PHOTOSHOP, you can make texture into various styles. Make use of Photoshop carries on a creativity design to the writing, can make writing become more beautiful, the strongest personality.

The wedding photograph designs

The wedding photograph start using a digital camera more and more currently and Photoshop photo editing feature wedding photograph design become a newly arisen profession.

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