Source download guider1

This is a non-English language site, so do worry about this, following this guider you can get what you want.

Step 1, direct get to the button of download page which is pop-up when you click the download link, find the image as shown below:

Step 2, Just click the Red place for download process, then the final download page will on your eyes, shown as below:

Just click the red arrow place, and the 1.40 MB is the size of the file what you will download to your driver.

OK, when you see this pop-up windows, just choose the save path for your favorite material.

If your browsers CAN NOT open the downloading window, please do not be unhappy, you can copy the downloading link into any your Download tool. Trust me, it is really working, then you can get what you want.

I have tested all the files by my own, and I can promise there is no any virus at all, and just enjoy your Photoshop life.