What is Photoshop?

Hello everybody, welcome to MyFreePhotoshop.com site. Today I would like to introduce what is Photoshop first, and I will show you the power of Photoshop. Generally speaking, from my view point, you can do anything in your mind with graphics. Here we go now.

Photoshop is magic software from Adobe Company, and most people will call “PS” as its short name with the first letter of Photo and Shop. The fist version is published in 1988, and from that time, Adobe opens the magic gate into the digital graphic world. And now the latest version of Photoshop is its 13th edition called Adobe Photoshop CS6, as Adobe Company changed Photoshop 8 into Photoshop CS in 2003.

At this moment, Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the most popular version which is the core of the Adobe core products, and also this version obtained the most attention. Why do many people would like to choose Adobe Photoshop CS5? Not only does it will be compatible with Windows 7 OS, but also it contains more than 10 amazing features, such as available supporting Wide monitor screen, integrating with over 20 windows within one dock, micro tool box will taking less area, multi pictures automatically generating full ground, flexible white-black transfer as well as intelligent filter lens, and better 32 bits HDR image supporting. And for the most important point, from the Photoshop CS5 version, there are with two different versions, one is standard version and the other is Extended version which can supporting 3D feature.

And here I would like to provide some links to the useful place, as well as the Amazon Photoshop buying link here, and you can purchase Photoshop different.

Adobe Photoshop Company

Adobe Photoshop Help Online

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